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"Houston, we have a Party!" Get your tickets now and get ready to launch your boogie into orbit because Kitty & The Rockets are landing soon near YOU!
It's gonna be a space odyssey of epic proportions! πŸš€

Prepare for this new musical adventure as Kitty & The Rockets blend disco & groove, creating a sound designed to take you into another atmosphere. With popular songs including many you’re not likely to hear played live elsewhere! 🎢 SET YOUR EARS TO STUN! 🎢

🌠 Meet the Band 🌠

πŸš€ Kitty - Lead Vocals
πŸš€ Guy Jeffrey - Drums
πŸš€ Danielle James - Keys
πŸš€ Gus Leighton - Sax
πŸš€ Paul Wells - Bass/vocals
πŸš€ Brad Von Rock - Guitar/vocals

β€œThat’s one small step for the band, one giant leap for dance time!” πŸ‘½πŸš€πŸ›Έ

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